The Everyday Virtues.

The past couple of days I’ve been trying to figure out what to post on my blog, even though I haven’t done anything ‘blog’ worthy I still was eager to find something to write about. However, what I realized is that I don’t always have to do something in order ‘improve’ myself; by practicing the everyday virtues of life, you can still develop your potential, and live a more purposeful, better life.

Having this perspective, I realised how that by fulfilling the mundane jobs of everyday, they can really have an impact on you overall. The results of these are shown not only in your own reflection, but by how the individuals around respond to you. Seeing by how you act means that in turn friends, family, and others can see you as the person you aspire to be, whether that is someone to trust and rely on, someone who can offer guidance or  to be known as someone with an exceptional character who makes the right choices and strives for excellence in all we do.

It sounds ridiculous that something so little can have such an impact on you, and how others see you, but in reality it’s not so inconceivable. As Vincent Van Gogh once said ‘Great things are done by a series of small things brought together’ and that I believe to be wholly accurate. Even though it seems unavailing, even the littlest of things can in fact make a difference. For example, I found myself this past couple of days completely cleaning my room, organising everything and making everything more presentable which whilst is hardly out of the ordinary, not only gave me peace of mind but was far more welcoming to others than what it was before.

Maybe in doing this, I am trying to reflect myself in the work and effort I put out, even when the task seems to be inconsequential or insignificant, whether or not this has had an impact on how others view me now, I believe it will, after-all it’s a marathon not a sprint.

So although I haven’t done anything particularly note-worthy recently, perhaps that isn’t necessary to fully incite the change I want to see in my life. By focussing on the virtues of everyday, having the tenacity to achieve the daily tasks set as well as the more significant ones I seek to accomplish to, I am building myself to be a better man than who I am today.

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