Encapsulating beauty.

By photographing life, we are holding it still. Forever capturing what would have been a fleeting moment and immortalizing it. One of the best parts of photography isn’t the act itself, but perhaps seeking what to capture. When going on my ‘photo-shoot’ I found myself revisiting familiar places in a whole new way. Maybe this is me just being pretentious, however seeing life through a lens suddenly changes your perspective on everything.

I used to think I was a bit of a photographer myself before today – I would use my iPhone camera to snap quick shots of my travels and ventures, and whilst it certainly did the job – using a more professional camera and dedicating an afternoon to capture them was truly eye-opening.

Although I didn’t go anywhere special, and the photos I took were hardly breathtaking walking around town capturing the beauty in everyday life, made me value and appreciate my surroundings so much more than I did before.

The difficulty I had, however was trying to find what I deemed to be the ‘perfect’ photo. And in my pursuit of this, I would trample all over my efforts as they didn’t fit the ‘standard’ I set myself. What I had to keep reminding myself is that this is all foreign territory, I am new to this and I can’t expect to be brilliant on my first attempts.

One of the highlights of my time today, was when I began to head home. A person spotted me and the camera and asked to have his photo taken. Whilst I may not be a very capable photographer yet, having a complete stranger stop me from my doings and request a photo I found to be very endearing.

Looking back at the photos I took today only makes me want to go back out there and shoot some more. I’ve started looking online for a better quality camera of my own and I intend on discovering more of my familiar town through the lens.

If you are at all interested in viewing the photos I have taken today, and want to see my journey unfold, be sure to follow my Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/_wandering_aimlessly_/

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