The infancy of change.

There is no denying that human beings are creatures of habit. Once we get used to a certain way of living, it feels impossible to even attempt change, and I am no exception to this. For me, my habit became staying all through the night, only to spend the day sleeping, and when finally awake; longing for the bed I so often deprived myself from.

Now whilst change is not popular by any means, it is sometimes a necessity. Among other things, my sleeping pattern is what I needed to change the most. In what took far more will power than I am prepared to admit, for the past couple of weeks I have been trying to successfully ‘reboot my system’ with a goal to wake up at 8 A.M. (latest) and go for a morning jog to prepare myself for a hopefully productive day.

However this wasn’t, and still isn’t easy. Seeing as I’m currently writing this at 2:44 A.M. with the shambolic hopes of waking up for a 7 A.M. jog to start the day, it is clear that old habits do die hard. But what’s important is to look at the positives; whilst yes after each jog I return to my halls red faced, sweaty and huffing and puffing like Thomas the Tank Engine on steroids, the euphoria of achieving a personal goal far outlives any temporary drawbacks to doing it.

For me, starting off by being proud of something I’ve done always sets me up for a better day and feels so rewarding when you can reflect back at the end of it. By no means am I an expert in doing this, and of course I find myself slipping back into my late wake ups and incredibly long lie ins, however this is all in the process of progress (something I’m ashamed to find very satisfying to type). Our new beginnings incite Challenge. Challenge incites work. And work breeds achievements. Whilst I know that I will fall of the horse again, the only part which matters is brushing off the dust and getting back on it again.

As much as I hate to admit it, getting up early and running has been something I have enjoyed, and something I will continue further – as well as fueling my desire to experiment with unfamiliar habits and hobbies.

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